Paying the bills every month or every cut off should be paid before the due date. In this way, you will avoid disconnection notices and some penalties that you might pay because of the late payment. But there will always be a time that you will forget about the bill because you misplace it or because you are thinking too many things and you don’t remember it anymore.   MONTHLY BILLS This is the moment that all your nerves will start to cram and you are thinking about the percentage of the penalty that you need to pay and of course sometimes you have to wait sometime for them to reconnect it. This is not only applicable to our water and electricity bills but also to the phone bills that when you forget it.   You would have a hard time to call someone as the company would block your number from using their services as you haven’t paid yet the total amount of your due. It is very important that you keep track of your due dates before it’s too late unless if you are using the Perth solar in which you don’t need to pay for your monthly consumption and of course you don’t need to worry that there will be someone who’s going to your house and cut the electricity. Here is the idea of the list of paying your monthly bills.  

  1. Make sure that you will know when the bill will due or being sent to your home or office. Of course, most of the companies would still your statement of bill through letters and it is being delivered to your house or office building. But since, the life of the people now is becoming modern, we can receive our bills through our e-mail accounts or by a phone message. This is what we called the paperless bill. Whether you are receiving the bill by paper or not. You need to give yourself some time to open it and check the amount of your bill and of course the due date of the bill.  
  2. If you are receiving a paper bill then you need to put or place them in a safety location in which you can get it anytime. Avoid putting or placing them with your documents or other related papers on the table.  
  3. It would be a good way or step to pay the bill immediately after receiving them. In this way, you would not forget them and you don’t have to worry about the deadlines.  
  4. You can put a reminder to your phone or a note on the wall. This is a good and nice way to remind yourself of your bills and due dates. 
  5. If the bills are too big in amount. You need to know some techniques in order for you to pay them. You can take a look at of the due dates or deadlines. You need to pay the bills that will due first and try to make a way to pay the rest later.  
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